Monday, January 23, 2012

This chart shows how much the loosers lose and the winners win. Again filtered for players with 1k+ ands in my DB.
The crazy thing is the amount of rake that is being payed in realtion to how much is won. When I saw this first I was very shocked because this essentially means WPA cannot work on 50nl alone. The winners would have to pay everything back to the site that they win.
This to me shows just how sick the rake has become. I don't think it is hard to imagine that the games are drying out when the same amount of money is raked as is being won. I think that ratio is way to high. It also makes it clear why winning is prolly not that easy. Though i am still surprised as to the amount of winners there are.
On the other hand this chart shows just how much would have been won without rake, and what a huge difference this makes. Essentially the winners would make roughky twice wihtout rake. This shows me what I had always assumed: the rake is about as much as decent winner makes in the game (at 50nl).
For WPA to work higher stakes would have to take some of the burdon of lower stakes it seem.
I will try to get some higher stakes hands and comparer the results.

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