Monday, May 31, 2010

Solved the iPad puzzle

So I figured out why my iPad was crashing in the car. It is the car charger I am using that makes the iPad crash. I am guessing it is a heat related issue. I tested it a few times and when the iPad is being charged it will always crash and never has crashed without it. Maybe it's a premature charger since in the app store iPads are running and being charged at the same time.

Poker was brutal this weekend, I had a 5k swing which is the highest I have ever had in one weekend. After winning a survivor tournament for $1500 I had the worst beat I ever took after getting it in with the nuts and 88% to win for a $2500 pot. And after that it just went straight downhill for another 2k, over about 2 days. After I was down that much I decided to just quit and went to my room and played online where I finished a PLO tournament in 3 place, I think there were about 300 entries.

Jodi came a bit later and eased my mind. We had a great time as usual in AC. The weather was so beautiful this weekend and we got to enjoy some of it and the shore.

Monday we went to see a friend of Jodi who has 3 kids. Jodi got a new cam that I played with which was fun. I got to see a new side of Jodi today, she had that look that only moms have when they are unhappy with the kids, it was quite funny as I have never seen Jodi with her hands in her hips and talking down to someone. I was quite amused about her mom look.

The star of the show seemed to be the iPad, and the toy proofed again it's wonderful usability. I was very impressed how quickly a three year old was able to use it, just by playing with it. He was able to view pictures and open apps and navigate around. I bought a little memory game for kids that he had fun with after the racing game got uninteresting.

It was great to see some of Jodi's friends.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


So I went to apple again today, since the iPad has been acting up, even after the trouble shoot from yesterday. They replaced the iPad right away. I was actually a bit surprised. I was ready to go home and just return the iPad the next day. But now I'm a happy customer again. They confirmed that I had been there yesterday so there must obviously be something wrong with my toy, even though they could not find anything!! So they asked me very apologetic if it was ok If i simply get a new one. Wow! apple has wowed me again. In addition to that awesome service, everyone at that store is just in love with apple, all the boys and girls that work there AND all the customers, it's really amazing. You can't help yourself but be happy in that store. That must work from a sales perspective as well.

Anyway so far on the way home the iPad seems to work smoothly so I'm very excited.

After syncing my photos tonight a put one of my holiday pics with dad as background:

It's one of my favorites when dad and my brother visited me and we went to death valley. Oh that makes me think of my upcoming vacation very close to there. Who could have thought it is Vegas time to soon again :-)

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Ei ei iPad

Well the iPad is till acting up. I still love it but it keeps crashing on me, particularly in the car.

I went to apple store yesterday and they told me it could be software related and reset the device. However it happened again after that on my way home and again this morning on my way to work, so I'm gonna pay apple a visit again.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The first one

So I have decided to start a little blog of my own since everybody is doing it these days. And of course to play with that new toy of mine, the iPad, since it has this wonderful blogapp that I'm typing this on.

There are a few things going on right now in my life. Most prominent is the iPad at the moment. It is a really cool toy and I think most folks don't even understand it's power yet including myself, but I am about to find out. One thing however that is bothering me a bit is the fact that it has been crashing and misbehaving quite a few time, as in not working correctly. So far this always happened in the car while I was driving and using the GPS navigation or watching podcast or deuces cracked videos.

I will try to see an apple store and see if I can get the iPad replaces. If not I'm gonna have to return it. That would blow!

In related news I've been thinking about an iPad app and researching how I could get one developed. For what I am thinking about I don't think I can afford to spend more than 3-4k which is gonna make it hard to outsource this. But I have found a website that let's you find freelancers with rating and I am gonna give that one a try.

Other than that Vegas is coming up soon. I'm gonna have to log a few more hours at borgata in oder to have enough extra cash to maybe try some 5/10 games out there. That would be fun. Last weekend I played, however that was not effective in that regard I dropped 1.3k and will try to make it up this weekend. I will however only have Friday and Saturday morning to do so. we'll see how that goes. The plan would be to take somewhere around 7k and play 5/10 as long as I stay above 5k else play 2/5. I will however not take out any cash from the bank but only use the cash I have at my house at the moment which is close to 5k right now.

Well that's it for blog nr. 1.....
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