Monday, May 31, 2010

Solved the iPad puzzle

So I figured out why my iPad was crashing in the car. It is the car charger I am using that makes the iPad crash. I am guessing it is a heat related issue. I tested it a few times and when the iPad is being charged it will always crash and never has crashed without it. Maybe it's a premature charger since in the app store iPads are running and being charged at the same time.

Poker was brutal this weekend, I had a 5k swing which is the highest I have ever had in one weekend. After winning a survivor tournament for $1500 I had the worst beat I ever took after getting it in with the nuts and 88% to win for a $2500 pot. And after that it just went straight downhill for another 2k, over about 2 days. After I was down that much I decided to just quit and went to my room and played online where I finished a PLO tournament in 3 place, I think there were about 300 entries.

Jodi came a bit later and eased my mind. We had a great time as usual in AC. The weather was so beautiful this weekend and we got to enjoy some of it and the shore.

Monday we went to see a friend of Jodi who has 3 kids. Jodi got a new cam that I played with which was fun. I got to see a new side of Jodi today, she had that look that only moms have when they are unhappy with the kids, it was quite funny as I have never seen Jodi with her hands in her hips and talking down to someone. I was quite amused about her mom look.

The star of the show seemed to be the iPad, and the toy proofed again it's wonderful usability. I was very impressed how quickly a three year old was able to use it, just by playing with it. He was able to view pictures and open apps and navigate around. I bought a little memory game for kids that he had fun with after the racing game got uninteresting.

It was great to see some of Jodi's friends.

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