Thursday, May 20, 2010


So I went to apple again today, since the iPad has been acting up, even after the trouble shoot from yesterday. They replaced the iPad right away. I was actually a bit surprised. I was ready to go home and just return the iPad the next day. But now I'm a happy customer again. They confirmed that I had been there yesterday so there must obviously be something wrong with my toy, even though they could not find anything!! So they asked me very apologetic if it was ok If i simply get a new one. Wow! apple has wowed me again. In addition to that awesome service, everyone at that store is just in love with apple, all the boys and girls that work there AND all the customers, it's really amazing. You can't help yourself but be happy in that store. That must work from a sales perspective as well.

Anyway so far on the way home the iPad seems to work smoothly so I'm very excited.

After syncing my photos tonight a put one of my holiday pics with dad as background:

It's one of my favorites when dad and my brother visited me and we went to death valley. Oh that makes me think of my upcoming vacation very close to there. Who could have thought it is Vegas time to soon again :-)

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