Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The first one

So I have decided to start a little blog of my own since everybody is doing it these days. And of course to play with that new toy of mine, the iPad, since it has this wonderful blogapp that I'm typing this on.

There are a few things going on right now in my life. Most prominent is the iPad at the moment. It is a really cool toy and I think most folks don't even understand it's power yet including myself, but I am about to find out. One thing however that is bothering me a bit is the fact that it has been crashing and misbehaving quite a few time, as in not working correctly. So far this always happened in the car while I was driving and using the GPS navigation or watching podcast or deuces cracked videos.

I will try to see an apple store and see if I can get the iPad replaces. If not I'm gonna have to return it. That would blow!

In related news I've been thinking about an iPad app and researching how I could get one developed. For what I am thinking about I don't think I can afford to spend more than 3-4k which is gonna make it hard to outsource this. But I have found a website that let's you find freelancers with rating and I am gonna give that one a try.

Other than that Vegas is coming up soon. I'm gonna have to log a few more hours at borgata in oder to have enough extra cash to maybe try some 5/10 games out there. That would be fun. Last weekend I played, however that was not effective in that regard I dropped 1.3k and will try to make it up this weekend. I will however only have Friday and Saturday morning to do so. we'll see how that goes. The plan would be to take somewhere around 7k and play 5/10 as long as I stay above 5k else play 2/5. I will however not take out any cash from the bank but only use the cash I have at my house at the moment which is close to 5k right now.

Well that's it for blog nr. 1.....
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