Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a day!?

Today has been an emotional day. First of I woke up and checked out my aquarium.
I got the most amazing discuss fish yesterday, a blue one, one that is a bit more traditional looking as well as a yellow one with red patterns. They are very very young and 2-3 inches big. I got them from a very competent fish place (captain nemos superstore). The people who work there really know what they are doing and they have wonderful and healthy fish. They had gotten a delivery from a german breeder yesterday. They told me this breeder was the only one they use for discuss because they like the german quality :-) When I saw the fish I was quite amazed how well they were looking, given that they had been in Germany the day before! The colors were brilliant and they seemed all in good spirits, swimming around looking for food in their tanks and checking me out checking them out. So I got three, put them in my tank and they loved it. I fed them. They were exploring and seemed to adapt amazingly. I had gone to the store the day before, brought a water sample and adjusted my water perfectly. So everything went well and I was happy.
Anyway back to today: This morning I wake up and the discuss are all lethagic and a bit defensive, all of a sudden they seem scared of me and dont want to eat and seem unhappy. I also notice some white spots on them. I am not sure what is going on, so I test the water: All seems fine. So I go to work hoping all will be better when I come home. So of course I am worried like a mom about the fish all :-) I call the store on my way home and they help me well. All day I am worried to death, imagening all the worst scenarios possible. I come home and all is well. The discuss have beautiful colors are still unhappy. I tested the water and saw that it was not perfect but nothing a water change could not take care of. So I am relieved and change the water very carefully making sure everything is perfect and went to play some poker. When I come back from the casino all is well. They eat and seem happy! Thank good.

Here are some vids from the discus
One more

(I will try to make some nicer HD ones over the weekend maybe)

In the meantime a crazy night happened at the pokertable. I get to the casino and am being seated at a table which takes a little while and a while I am waiting a white man man in his 50ies greets me right away and telling the whole table what a great player I am. Awesome, everybody now knows I am a regular here and i have no idea how he knows me! Where are his manners! It happens alot to me that people recognize me but I don't always remember them. The man has about 4k in front of him is real happy and can't stop signaling me and talking to me. I have no idea who this guy is until he comes over and talks to me about the game, how great it is and how he won all the money. He also tells me that he was fine with me not borrowing him money the other day! WOW now I remeber: about two months ago he came and asked me if I could loan him $200 since we played the night before and he was busto! He looked different but at least I remeberd him now and actually could recollect a few hands he played with me.

I finally get seated, the table was crazy, everybody had lots and lots of money and there were many action players around. A few minutes into my session I go all against my friend who seems to be very happy with his stack and not concerned to lose it either. He calls me whith a worse but good hand. Another players calls with an even worse hand but I get lucky and my hand holds up. Im not even playing for 10 minutes and have trippeled up already. In the meantime my friend is still happy, after all he has still over 3k in front of him when another crazy hand developes. I am holding an Ace with a 4 and flop a full house! And almost everybody is in the pot including my friend. I play very slow and my friend bets and calls me after I raise. After the dealer turns over the last hand of the board he goes all giving me an easy call with an almost unbeatable hand. 15 minutes after I sat down about 3k alone of my friends money went into my stack!

Poker is crazy like that, I played this hand very well in a way that really exploits "my friend" as I am raking in my chips I feel really sorry for the man who just gave away his a $4'000 stack and had absolutely no idea what he was in for. I felt really bad for him. This money musta mean a lot to him given that he tried to borrow money from me a short while ago.

At the same time I am quite happy. I have not had a lucky day like this in a while. Granted I have been winning constantly at 2/5 which is my main game. I also had taken some shots at some highter games but got burned. I have gotten unlucky but also made some mistakes and did not play well enought to be sitting at these tables, so I decided to step down again and work on my game some more. Overall the last few weeks have been kinda break even since I had lost the money that I had won at my mane game in the higher limit games. So having a good day like this comes in handy and helps with my mental game.

I have set myself the goal to make 30% of my income this year from poker and I have basically reached that target today. I am now going to try to make that 50% mark. So even though today was just a small step in the right direction it is a big mark and thus quite an emotional day for me.

Work has also going well, I am staffed on an interesting project which is going well and I am learning lots of new things. So all that is left right now is being greatful for a good day.

Tomorrow and everyday thereafter I will try to repeat :-)

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