Friday, June 11, 2010

Off to Vegas

So I am finally sitting in the plane to Vegas. My recent live action has not been very spectacular and I am bringing a much smaller roll than I was hoping for.

My bankroll lately has been divided into some money in the bank and the cash in my kitchen drawer that I have accumulated playing live since my last Vegas visit. I am trying to transition to a poker only cash bankroll so that poker does not affect any other deceptions in my live.

Originally my goal was to bring 8k to Vegas and play 5/10 and drop down when my roll hits 5k. However now that I am only bringing 5k, I will only play 2/5 this year.

I am going for the world series of poker, which is a series of tournaments and of course I want to play one of those. The cheapest tourney is 1k and there is another one this week for 1.5k. Before I will play these I am going to try to win the buy in in the cash games. I have two days to win 1k to play the event this Sunday, otherwise I will give my self another shot to win the buy in for the 1.5 k event a little later in the week.

Aside from the goal of winning the buy in for the tournament there is a new toy that needs purchased or an old that that needs replaced: my TV. The old DLP small screen tv needs to be replaced by a nice 3d plasma. My eyes are on the pn63c8000 from samsung which will require me to bring home about 3k from Vegas. It a beautiful 63 inch plasma and from the research I have done I am convinced it is the best TV on the US market right now.

I've looked at a couple of LEDs but the colors are simply better on the plasma, except white of course. But the black is much stronger and the color debt on the plasma is much better. In addition a decent LED is around 5k and only 55 inches, whereas the best plasma is 3.5 k and 63 inches. So the choice is actually simple as my top two criteria will be picture quality and size.

So there we have it, the goal is to make 3k this trip so I can buy myself the new TV. If I would do well in the tourney that would of course easily pay for the TV but doing well in the tournament is unfortunately a long shot.

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